Visa In Australia

Australia Visa Requirements

Australian Student Visa applications are processed by Australian High Commission, New Delhi. Student now have to apply, if eligible, under SVP (Streamlined Visa processing), which has replaced PVA (Pre-Visa Assessment). The following is the list of documents to be submitted along with the Visa application:

Document Checklist

  1. Visa Application fee payable by Bank Draft favouring "Australian High Commission, New Delhi"
  2. Completed application form – 157A
  3. Nomination form 956 to be completed only if you are lodging through an agent
  4. Student has to pay the 1st Semester Fee and will then receive e-COE (Electronic-Confirmation Of Enrollment) from the institution
  5. Passport – Original passport is not required, instead all pages of current and previous passports, if any, to be notarized.
  6. Four recent passport size photos
  7. Statement of Purpose
  8. "Details of Relatives" form>
  9. Guardianship form, if the student is under 18 years of age
  10. IELTS / TOEFL / PTE Scores
  11. All Mark sheets, Certificates, Degrees and Diplomas
  12. Reference letter from current employer and previous employer, if employed
  13. Affidavit of support from Sponsor
  14. Affidavit of support from Student
  15. Bank Statement / Bank Passbook for the last 3 months and current balance certificate
  16. Income Tax returns of the sponsor for the last 3 years
  17. Property Documents along with Valuation Report
  18. Details of acceptable funds in the form of a table / matrix
  19. Evidence of relationship with the sponsor
  20. Bank loan Sanction Letter (if applicable)
  21. Other Liquid Assets like Fixed Deposits, etc.

Visa Decision

As Australia has done away with student visa stamping in the passport to travel and enter Australia, a visa decision is intimated to the applicant electronically via email, once a decision has been made by the visa authorities. If approved the department will send a Notification of Grant letter to your nominated postal or email address. It is recommended that you print this letter and keep it with you when you travel to and from Australia. This letter contains:

  1. your Visa Grant Number
  2. the validity date of your visa
  3. the visa conditions.

If not approved the department will send you a notification letter advising you of:

  1. the reasons for the refusal
  2. your review rights
  3. time limit for lodging an appeal.

Your rights for a review of the decision differ:

  1. if you lodged in Australia, the refusal letter advises you of your review rights and the time limit for lodging an appeal
  2. if you lodged outside Australia, you have no right for a review of the merits of the decision

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